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Reporting a Claim

All claims must be reported directly to your Insurer on 0344 705 8183 within 24 hours of the incident occuring. It is a condition of your insurance policy that all incidents are reported, even if you are not at fault or you decide you are not going to make a claim so they can protect your interest from any claim made against you.

When reporting a claim you will need the following information:

  • Your full name, address and contact telephone numbers
  • Vehicle make, model and registration number
  • Exact location where the incident happened
  • Incident circumstances
  • Third party details – vehicle make, model, registration number, address and insurer details (if applicable).
  • Independent witness details (if any)
  • Police Officer details (where applicable)

We aim to provide you with the best claims service that we can. If you take advantage of the facilities we have put in place to achieve this, we can provide a better service than when the claim is outside our control. Any Claim made will only be paid to the legal owner of the vehicle and not the driver/policyholder. The policy excludes liability if any other insurance policy already covers any incidents leading to a claim.

What to do if you have an accident

Please click here to view some helpful tips we have collected. You might find it helpful to keep a copy of these tips and store these and the following documents in the glove-box.

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